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Top winning strategies for domino qiu qiu online if you are a beginner

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Domino qiu qiu online beginners will usually tell you the game they find themselves playing is not the same game they play offline. Not by any means.

This is due to the fast speed of gameplay, the number of expert players online and how quickly you can lose your entire bankroll in just one night.

This is why you must have strategies planned out for your domino qiu qiu online gameplay before you register with even one casino. Stick to those strategies, however, and you could discover playing the game on the Internet comes with many advantages.


Having a tightly controlled bankroll — Unless you can tightly control your bankroll, you should not even consider playing domino qiu qiu online. This is because the variance rate in online play is far higher than that in offline play.

This higher variance rate can quickly deplete and empty a loosely controlled bankroll, and stop you from being able to afford to play for the rest of the month. Keep a tight hold on it, though, by gambling only what is allocated for that day, and you will stay in the game as long as you want.

Money for at least 20 buy-ins per day — If you are going to take playing domino qiu qiu online seriously, you must have the money necessary for at least 20 buy-ins per day.

That means, if each buy-in will be $10, then $200 a day is the minimum amount that should be in your bankroll.


Learn on the free games first — Take advantage of the free domino qiu qiu games each casino offers. Just a couple of hours playing them familiarizes you with the software each casino uses, and allows you to practice the game without losing any money on it.


Play the lower stakes rooms — Starting out in the lower stakes rooms will give you a chance to acclimatize to that particular online casino, and to observe fellow players at work.

Only when you are consistently winning in these lower level games should you even think about moving up.


Play more than one room — The beauty of playing domino qiu qiu online is that you can play in more than one game at once. Something that is impossible offline.

Start out with two rooms and improve your skills in both. Once you have hit five rooms and can handle them easily, you may want to consider moving up.

Remember, though, if you are going to play in more than one room, you still need to have those 20 buy-ins per room. If not, you are just throwing money away on games you cannot hope to win.


Know when to walk away — The mark of a beginner player is one that continues to play when the variance rate is against them.

The experienced player walks away when that happens, only to come back a day or two later when the variance rate may have changed.

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