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Popular Texas Hold’em Poker

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Popular Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Hold’em is one of the more popular games of poker. It can be played by 2 players or up to 10 and it is a no-limit betting structure. It has a worldwide following and is played on the television poker show known as the World Series of Poker or online at sites like situs poker online.

Texas Hold’em Glossary

Before we learn how to play Texas Hold’em, lets become familiar with a few terms:

o Blinds or blind bets: this is a forced bet that is equivalent to an “ante.” They are made before the cards are dealt.

o Check: There is a call without money being bet. It is commonly signified by a tap on the table or the player calls “check.”

o Flop: The first three shared cards are dealt.

o River or Fifth Street: this is when the 5th table card is dealt.

o All-In: Players put all of their chips in.

o Preflop: Anything before the flop is dealt.

o Showdown: players reveal their hands to reveal the pot’s winner.

o Turn or Fourth Street: The 4th shared card is dealt.

How To Play

The game starts when the first player (button) to the left of the dealer starts. When playing Texas Hold’em poker, every player is dealt two cards face down.

They are called your “hole cards.” Players make their bet where they can “check” (match the big blind), “bet” (increase the bet) or “fold” (throw down the cards facedown and stop playing).

You are now in the “pre-flop” stage. You must now wait to see what the other players will do with their hole cards.

When the other players have made their bets you are in the “flop” where three shared cards are placed in the middle of the table face up.

Also, at this point, each player at the table has a five-card poker hand, whereby there are two hole cards and the three shared cards.

All the players make another bet. A “turn” or fourth dealer card is dealt. The players then bet again when a final dealer card is shared at the river.

At this point, the remaining players are holding a poker hand consisting of six-cards (two hold cards and four shared cards).

Texas Hold’em poker game is where only five cards count toward a hand, which means that all players may have an extra card at this point.

Then there is the last round of bets made by each player. Play your hand using your hole cards in combination with the five cards in the middle.

Remember that Texas Hold’em hand can be made by the five cards alone. The end of this round or the showdown can come as the result of two different plays: (1) players turn over their hole cards and the best hand wins; (2) a player will bet so high that other players fold.

For a more thorough video, you can check out several guides on youtube, for example:

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