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Hunter Ec 400 Owners Manual

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Setting a Hunter EC Timer~DIY how to set and make changes to your Hunter EC Timer.Reset a Hunter Controller - Quick Tip~If want to clear the memory on your controller and start from fresh or if your controller is not responding to your commands, this ...How to Program a Hunter NODE Irrigation Controller~Walkthrough of an actual Hunter Industries NODE 4-station wireless irrigation controller / timer for landscaping. Walkthrough ...Hunter X-Core Programming Overview and Setting Up Program A~This segment goes over basic programming of the X-Core residential irrigation controller. Setting the current time and day, start ...How to Program a Sprinkler Controller (Hunter)~It's easy to program an automatic sprinkler controller. Do it rigth and save water. This video is for Hunter XC and Hunter X-Core ...How to program Hunter irrigation controller~http://www.AimFlagstaff.com How to program your Hunter irrigation controller. Most irrigation controllers, including Raindial, Irritrol, ...Wiring an Irrigation Solenoid Valve~Mike Briley from Access Irrigation demonstrates how to wire a 24v irrigation solenoid valve into a mains powered irrigation ...NODE: Programming the NODE irrigation controller~In this video, you will learn how to program the Node battery powered irrigation controller. The Node controller requires the use of ...Pro-C Basic Programming~This video shows you the basic steps to program a Hunter Pro-C irrigation controller and how to use its various features, from ...Manually turn on sprinkler zone from controller Hunter XCore~http://www.AimFlagstaff.com How to turn on your sprinklers from the controller. 0:00 This is how you turn on ONLY one zone.Eco-Logic Programming~Please Note: The Eco-Logic is a basic controller only available in Europe, Australia, Middle East and Asia market. In this video ...How to Program a Hunter PRO C Controller Part 1~This video shows how to program your Hunter Pro C controller.Troubleshooting Your Irrigation Control system with a Volt Ohm Meter~This video gives you step by step instructions on how to use a volt ohm meter to test the electrical wiring on irrigation controllers.How to Install (Wire) a Sprinkler Controller~It's easy to install or replace an irrigation sprinkler controller. If you need to buy a new one, find it on Amazon: USA: ...How to program a Hunter X-core controller~Setting up a Hunter x-core controller Setting the current time and day, start times, run times, and days to water will be explained.How to program hunter ICC controller - Sprinkler Repair~Just the basics. In this video I describe how to set and program a hunter ICC. I do not go over advanced features I will do that in a ...SVC Controller - Programming - Part 1 of 2~The SVC is ideal for applications where electrical power is absent using only a 9-volt battery to operate. The SVC does not require ...How To Program Hunter XC 400 Irrigation Controller~Tutorial on how to program a simple schedule for Hunter XC 400 outdoor irrigation timer.Hunter X-Core Programming Multiple Programs and Additional Features~This video goes into the advanced features of programming an X-Core controller including setting multiple programs, system off ...