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Can you bluff in online poker?

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Can You Bluff Successfully in Texas Hold ‘Em?

Yes. You can, and I will show you how. You can also Google videos on Youtube. There are some great ones that show you how it is done. Since this is not a video, but an illustrative tutorial, I will show you a few easy ways to do it.

The Bluff Catcher

There is an old saying: “To catch a bluff, there has to be a bluff.”

In other words, it does not make sense to call out a bluff for the sake of it. It all comes down to you having a hand that might not be super strong, but it is enough to beat the other guy if he chooses to bluff.

To be clear, your opponent’s hand is strong enough to do the value-range, but not strong enough to survive a bluff.

The Idea Behind It

The idea behind bluffing in agen poker online is to take a person’s hand and use it against them. Now, to be clear, this move will only work on those who like to bluff a lot. Study the other players long enough and you will know who they are.

Your job is to turn your hand into a money pit, instead of folding, something you might normally do otherwise.

How Do I Do It?

You have to study your opponent’s behavior. You need to understand their value-betting range. You also have to study their bluffing patterns. How often do they bluff and when? I do not suggest doing this during the first few games. Most skilled players wait until they have studied the other players more until the do it.

You cannot bluff with someone who does not bluff. It is not going to work out well. In the next section, I will discuss how to notice a bluff before it happens.

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