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Arjo Sara Plus Lift Manual

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Sara Plus~Patient Standing and Raising Aid. Also can be used as a walking aid.Sara Plus demonstration at St Marys Hospital~Maxi Move~Using the Sara Stedy~How to use the Sara Stedy. A great toileting aid for the patient. (No narration)How To Use The Sara Stedy~How To Use A Sit To Stand Lift~How To Use A Sit To Stand Lift.Sara Plus Patient Lift~ArjoHuntleigh Sara Plus Patient Iift.Maxi Move a mobile patient lift from ArjoHuntleigh (only available in select markets)~The complete patient lifter for demanding environments. Only available in select markets, please contact your distributor for ...Arjo Huntleigh Tenor~Transfer From Bed to Commode with Get-U-Up Lift and Standing Sling~Transfer From Bed to Commode with Get-U-Up Lift and Standing Sling.Maxi Lift~Maxi Lift.Arjo Huntleigh SARA3000~Arjo Sara Plus - Power sit to stand transfer lift~The Arjo Sara Plus power sit to stand transfer lift provides uniquely safe and effective transfer assistance. This power sit to stand ...Standing and raising aid demonstration~Standing and raising aids offer something extra: advanced resident/patient support features that promote mobility. (Only available ...Sara Plus Demo~Video showing basic operation of the Sara Plus.Sara 3000 a standing and raising aid from ArjoHuntleigh (only available in select markets)~SARA 3000, the ergonomic design enables a single nurse to provide transfers and toileting. Only available in select markets ...Sara Stedy from Med Mart~The Sara Stedy Manual Stand Aid is designed to be both easy and safe for the patient to use. The stand aid features an innovative ...Arjo Maxi Lite Lift~Patient Lift, Patient Floor Transfer Lift, Safe Transfers.Parker Bath Promo video~A height-adjustable reclining sit-bath for assisted bathing. Side entry bath access and mobile aid integration for smooth transfers ...